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Our Story

Delivering solutions that authentically engage consumers.

RhythmInfluence was born out of a long history of connecting brands with their target customers on a variety of digital platforms.  As digital platforms evolve and consumer media consumption habits change, so do the solutions we create for our advertising partners. 

Today, the solutions we build are grounded in the impact of influencers and their ability to create, promote and amplify a brand’s message to their loyal audiences across their social platforms.  Influencer Marketing is organic, creative, bold – and effective.  

Whether you have deep experiences with Influencer Marketing – or just dipping your toe for the first time – let’s talk:  amazing, creative, and impactful solutions await.

TheFaceBook is launched

Later shortened to Facebook

Feb 2004

Ad representation provided to Facebook

Jun 2004

Twitter debuted

Twitter is showcased at South by Southwest Interactive conference.

Mar 2007

Instagram debuted

Oct 2010

Snapchat debuted

Apr 2011

Partnership with BlogFrog

Partnership with BlogFrog to enhance content creation/distribution offering to publishers

Nov 2011

Influencer Marketing offering launches

Influencer Marketing offering launched with first successful blogging campaign

May 2012

Experiential marketing capabilities added

Experiential marketing capabilities added to Influencer Marketing solution and launches first campaign sending travel influencers to a destination

Mar 2014

Brand Ambassador program added

Brand Ambassador program launches - pairing brands with influencers over and extended calendar period to foster greater affinity between brand, and the influencers’ communities.

Mar 2015

RhythmOne brand launch

Apr 2015

RhythmOne introduces its Influencer Out-of-Home offering

RhythmOne introduces its Influencer Out-of-Home offering pairing a national beverage brand with fashion influencers at events in salons around the country

Apr 2015

RhythmOne launches first video only influencer program

- RhythmOne launches its first video only influencer program for a national CPG company using all video platforms.

Aug 2015

RhythmOne launches its first Instagram only campaign

Sep 2015

RhythmOne extends offering to include campaigns featuring YouTube celebrities

Sep 2015

RhythmOne launches RhythmInfluence

- RhythmOne launches RhythmInfluence a unit solely focused on Influencer Marketing

May 2016