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Distribute & Amplify

Branded Content + Programmatic Reach = Brand Impact

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to engage consumers within the communities and social channels they trust. Through RhythmInfluence, your content can reach even further. We offer the only Influencer Marketing solution that amplifies the distribution of your content programmatically through compelling rich media and video units, as well as provides data-driven look-alike audience targeting that allows your campaign to scale across the Web. 

We can do this because of the direct relationships we have with our macro- and micro-influencers, and by leveraging our RhythmMax programmatic marketplace - one of the largest distribution platforms in the industry. 

CONNECTING engaged audienceS with branded content at scale.

Benefits to You

Our RhythmInfluence Amplification Platform provides:

  • Access to over 45,000 influencers
  • Broad reach across organic and paid social channels
  • Look-alike audience segments
  • Always-on and custom PMP segments
  • Massive scale (Ranked #5 by comScore)
  • Proprietary brand safety technology (Ranked #1 on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index)


Amplify Reach, Amplify Impact
Through our ad units, we seed your branded content in ads that are targetable by content channel, demographic, audience segment, device, geography and behavior-based parameters (retargeting).

These ad units, which see some of our highest engagement levels, are a great way to introduce your content and products to new audiences - driving them to your site, or to engage with the influencers in your campaign.

Ad Units:

  • Rails Unit

  • Video Carousel

  • Full Page