June, 14 2021 in Influencer Marketing, Strategy
Influencer Outreach Strategy by Platform [+ Templates!]

No two influencer marketing campaigns look, feel, or sound the same. But every single one begins with the same moment: the first point of contact between brand and Influencer. Not to scare you, but this moment of Influencer outreach has the power to make or break your next campaign before it even starts. Too scary? Here it is again from a less...

June, 9 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Why You Should Use a Managed Service Provider for Influencer Campaigns

Once you decide to run an influencer campaign for your brand there are a few big decisions right upfront. Primarily, you’ll need to decide if you are going to work directly with an influencer marketplace,  partner with a managed service provider, or run the whole thing on your own. 

June, 2 2021 in Influencer Marketing
The Biggest Deals Between Brands + Influencers (+ Why They Worked)

Michael Jordan and Nike. Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein. Kendall Jenner and Pepsi. There are some influencer-brand partnerships that fly under the radar, we scroll past them every day without a second thought or glance. Then there are the flashy, big name partnerships (like the ones mentioned above) that are impossible to ignore. These big...

May, 27 2021 in Strategy
How to Use Sentiment Analysis in Brand Marketing

Analyzing consumer feedback on your past campaigns is a great way to develop the strategy for your next one. Taking the time to gather all of the insights available to you about how your audience responds to your organization is the easiest way to build a more effective marketing strategy moving forward. Here, we’re talking about sentiment...

May, 25 2021 in Influencer Marketing, Strategy
Millennial Influencer Campaigns + Connecting with Millennial Audiences

Millennials make up the majority of the workforce, so it’s no surprise that they have some impressive spending power. Millennials in the U.S alone had around $1.4T in disposable income to spare in 2020, and are used to being brand loyalists. As the most likely generation to be subscription-holders, they expect a certain degree of connection...

May, 20 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing for Startups + Emerging Brands

As trends shift and more companies than ever turn to innovative marketing strategies—  90% of all marketers find ROI from influencer marketing to be better than other marketing channels— more and more startups are leveraging influencer marketing for rapid growth.

May, 18 2021 in Influencer Marketing
How to Navigate the Top Influencer Marketplaces in 2021

Developing a partnership with an Influencer typically occurs in one of four ways: browsing social media and connecting with someone you find directly, analyzing competitors’ campaigns to identify a potential partner, hiring an Influencer agency to match you directly with a good match for your campaign, or utilizing an Influencer marketplace to...

May, 11 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Gen Z Influencers 101: Top Gen Z Influencers from Lifestyle to Celebrity

Gen Z, the elusive generation of those born between 1995 and 2010, has been a demographic that brands have struggled to market to since they first began swiping through their smartphones. It is rare to find a Gen Zer who isn’t tech-savvy, with 45% of Gen Z saying they are online “almost constantly.” Influencer marketing has never been more...

May, 5 2021 in Strategy
The Platform-Agnostic Influencer Marketing Platform Approach

There are some skills that you can’t master overnight: piloting an aircraft, perfecting wing-tip eyeliner application, and creating an effective influencer marketing strategy. These skills take years to perfect and require dedicated attention to detail and the human touch. Trust me, I’ve done the work (on the influencer marketing side— don’t...

April, 29 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Influencer Leadership: The Power of Influence

Influencer. Leader. In 2021 these two words have evolved to become synonymous in the eyes of the majority of the population, but where do their similarities end? Are all Influencers leaders, or are all leaders Influencers? It depends on whom you ask. In terms of reach and impact, every Influencer is innately a leader of their field and in turn,...


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