November, 16 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Using Tech to Ensure Brand Safety in Influencer Marketing

Brand safety is no new fad. For years, brands have been hyper-aware of their public perceptions and have worked to ensure they are presenting a clean, family-friendly, and accessible image. While it may seem easy to do— how hard can it be to never say or do anything offensive?— the emergence of influencer marketing has forced brands to not only be...

October, 14 2021 in Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially in the past year and continues to rise with the growth of social media platforms like TikTok. As influencer marketing strategists, we have experience keeping up with a quickly evolving landscape of social content. With leagues of fresh faced Influencers entering the conversation seemingly every day,...

August, 31 2021 in Influencer Marketing
5 Ways that Brands can Work with Influencer Marketing Companies

Once you decide that influencer marketing is the way forward for your brand (along with 75% of marketers), your team will need to decide: to use or not to use an influencer marketing company?

July, 21 2021 in Social Media Platforms
5 Steps to Building Your Brand and the Top Brand Strategy/Social Media Marketing Podcasts + Clubhouse Accounts To Get you There

Crafting a successful brand strategy combines strategy and creativity/artistic identity to come up with the personality of your brand. Even though the process of strategizing for a brand is often the same, the results are always different depending on the mission, voice, and identity of the brand in question. This is why strategists can be in the...

June, 30 2021 in Influencer Marketing
What Virtual Reality Influencers Mean for Brands

Influencer marketing is a living organism. Every few months it evolves and grows into a new, more advanced form of its old self, and strategists are left running around trying to navigate these changes and include them in their progressive marketing campaigns. The latest evolution of influencer marketing is the pivot to virtual reality influencers.

May, 18 2021 in Influencer Marketing
How to Navigate the Top Influencer Marketplaces in 2021

Developing a partnership with an Influencer typically occurs in one of four ways: browsing social media and connecting with someone you find directly, analyzing competitors’ campaigns to identify a potential partner, hiring an Influencer agency to match you directly with a good match for your campaign, or utilizing an Influencer marketplace to...

May, 5 2021 in Strategy
The Platform-Agnostic Influencer Marketing Platform Approach

There are some skills that you can’t master overnight: piloting an aircraft, perfecting wing-tip eyeliner application, and creating an effective influencer marketing strategy. These skills take years to perfect and require dedicated attention to detail and the human touch. Trust me, I’ve done the work (on the influencer marketing side— don’t ask...

April, 20 2021 in Strategy
Guide to Social Content Strategy in 2021

When your industry trends change at the speed of the internet (like social content and influencer marketing) there’s no such thing as over-strategizing.

April, 8 2021 in Influencer Marketing
The Benefits, Pitfalls, and Differences of Influencer Marketing Tiers from Micro to Celeb

Before you sign that (probably lengthy and comprehensive) contract with an influencer, you need to learn all you can about who they are and who makes up their audience. When planning influencer marketing campaigns and considering the best option for your client’s goals, one of the first questions you’ll ask yourself about your chosen influencer...


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