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Millennial Influencer Campaigns + Connecting with Millennial Audiences

By Caitlin Lucey
May 25, 2021

Millennials make up the majority of the workforce, so it’s no surprise that they have some impressive spending power. Millennials in the U.S alone had around $1.4T in disposable income to spare in 2020, and are used to being brand loyalists. As the most likely generation to be subscription-holders, they expect a certain degree of connection with the brands they choose (usually online).


The average millennial spends more time online than previous generations (but not as much as Gen Z), so it's easier to market to them in the digital space. However, just because they spend a larger amount of their time online doesn’t mean it is any easier to turn them into loyal customers. Instead, they tend to respond best to genuine messaging, with a keen eye for hyper-promotional content.


A well-crafted influencer marketing campaign will resonate with millennials and brands should focus on portraying their mission, values, and alignment with talent the same age of their target consumer.

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Do millennials trust influencer marketing?

Millennials are more open-minded than their Gen Z counterparts and are social and cause-focused when choosing brands to interact with online. Millennials especially engage on social when the marketing is coming from the right source, with the right motivations.

Let’s break it down by the numbers:

As well as highlighting how important it is to create genuine marketing opportunities for your brand in order to attract a larger millennial audience, the Influencers you choose as partners are just as important as the social content strategy you create.

Strategies for Marketing to Millennials

While no two 25-40-year-olds are built the same, follow the same Influencers, or have the same shared interests, here are four data-driven strategies that will help you to better target this powerful group of shoppers.

  1. Optimize for Mobile
    True to their reputation as digital natives, 93% of millennials own a smartphone. Therefore, if your marketing efforts aren’t optimized for mobile devices, you run the risk of failing to even get your marketing content in front of millennials' eyes.

  2. Embrace Your Personality
    When it comes to marketing to millennials, authenticity is the name of the game. They can spot a sponsored post and can be wary when their daily scrolling is interrupted by targeted ads. To overcome the watchful, cautious eye, embrace your brand’s unique personality.

    By generating personal, distinctive branded posts that speak to your millennial audience, be transparent in the marketing content you produce. Give your posts a human element and up engagement by responding to user comments, adjusting posts to reflect the shifting interests of your audience, writing your content conversationally, and creating an environment of positivity and inclusivity in your marketing efforts.

  3. Think Multi-Tiered Influencers
    When vetting Influencers to work with on your millennial-targeted campaign, think multi-tiered. A combination of micro (those with less than 10,000-50,000 followers), mid-tier (up to 500K), premium (up to 1M), and celebrity influencers (1M+) will help get your content in front of the widest audience possible within that age range.

    Micro and mid-tier Influencers are figureheads for their followers as they serve as leaders and experts in their interests or geographic location. When you partner with a micro or mid-tier Influencer who is a specialist in your target audience’s interests, you have a greater chance of making a genuine connection with their followers and making a more lasting (and profitable!) impact. 

  4. Be Morally Conscious
    Unethical brands and partnerships are a red flag for any morally conscious consumer but are especially vibrant for millennials who are fluent in the ongoings of social media. Millennials are more socially conscious and environmentally friendly than other generations, and they make a point to buy products and work with organizations that reflect their morals, as well as their personality and interests. 

    With 40% of millennials agreeing that they would pay more for a product that reflected an image about themselves that they want to convey, authenticity and a strong moral center can be the difference between making a sale and missing out on a customer retention opportunity.

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Top Millennial Influencers

All of the best millennial Influencers are skilled at connecting with their followers to create genuine branded experiences for their partners. To reach that potentially hard-to-connect with demographic, try partnering with one of the top millennial Influencers like:

Amber Diamond

millennial influencer campaign

Source: @amberleediamond on Instagram


Millennial lifestyle and fashion influencer Amber Diamond is particularly skilled at adding a personal element to all of her branded posts. By including her family, friends, and memories into her pictures and captions she encourages her followers to connect with her on a deeper level— which translates directly to an increase in brand engagement.

Krystian Gabrielle

millennial influencer campaign

Source: @krystian_gabrielle on Instagram


Family and LGBTQ+ influencer Krystian Gabrielle’s branded posts embed content with personality. By introducing her posts as “snapshots of my life” she promises her followers an unfiltered look into her life as an Influencer.

Ashley Tisdale


millennial influencer campaign

Source: @jumpropejimmy on TikTok


Athlete Influencer Jimmy Reynolds is a fitness motivator and lifestyle personality with a large following of activity-minded folks. . Thanks to his fresh images and fun, individualized captions he has the power to introduce brands to a whole new generation of consumers.

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