Travel TexasExploring Texas with Influencer-Crafted Itineraries


the Objective

Embark on an exhilarating Texas-sized adventure with Travel Texas! Our mission was to enhance visitation to the Lone Star State while showcasing the innovative Trip Builder tool. Additionally, we set out to spark enthusiasm for BBQ Month in May, creating a campaign that not only captured the essence of Texas but also engaged audiences with the diverse experiences and flavors the state has to offer. Join us on this journey as we unveil the vibrant success story of our collaboration with Travel Texas, where every moment was as big and bold as the great state itself!

the Solution

RhythmInfluence enlisted 5 extraordinary Content Creators who shared 59 captivating Instagram posts, documenting their remarkable Texas travels. They used the Trip Builder to create unique itineraries, showcasing National Parks, cities, activities, landscapes, and more. These Influencers returned in May to savor BBQ Month, revealing Texas’ mouthwatering grilling delights. RhythmInfluence amplified the campaign with Social Ads on Instagram and conducted a comprehensive Sentiment Analysis and Brand Lift Study.

167+ MM Impressions

107% to campaign goal

5.6 MM

Total Video Views


Total Engagements

17.5% Engagement Rate

Instagram Organic Video



Our program concepts comprise many differentiated tactics unmatched in todays managed.

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