Schwan’s provides support to busy families and individuals


the Objective

Schwan’s Home Delivery set out to heighten awareness of their meal prep delivery services, underscoring the unparalleled convenience it brings to busy families and individuals with hectic lifestyles.

the Solution

RhythmInfluence engaged eight content creators on Instagram and Facebook to showcase their weekly meal planning routine, illustrating how Schwan’s home delivery service reduced stress, saved time, and facilitated easy home-cooked meals. The campaign’s success prompted a follow-up holiday-themed initiative featuring five influencers leveraging Schwan’s during the busy festive season. Amplifying the content through Social Ads on Instagram and Facebook, RhythmInfluence conducted two Sentiment and Brand Lift Studies for in-depth insights into the campaign’s impact.

Campaign delivered 10MM+ impressions

Surpassing Impression goal by 15%

6% Engagement Rate

Outperforming category benchmark

99%+ Positive Sentiment Score

User shares many personal fond memories with the brand



Our program concepts comprise many differentiated tactics unmatched in todays managed.

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