Starbucks spreads joy through holiday beverages


the Objective

In a spirited endeavor to showcase the joyous spirit of the holiday season, Starbucks embarked on a mission to not only promote their delightful seasonal holiday beverages but also to inspire and celebrate simple acts of kindness. With a focus on illuminating the myriad ways in which joy can be spread during this festive time of year, Starbucks aimed to create a heartwarming narrative that resonated with their audience and encapsulated the essence of the holiday season.

the Solution

In a harmonious collaboration, RhythmInfluence strategically partnered with seven adept content creators, assigning each the delightful mission of crafting a singular TikTok video that encapsulated their day filled with spreading positivity and joy, anchored by Starbucks as the central theme. The outcome surpassed expectations, yielding a bountiful harvest of twelve unique content pieces, showcasing an additional TikTok video and four Instagram Reels as an enriching bonus. To amplify the resonance of this heartwarming content, RhythmInfluence leveraged the potent reach of Social Ads on TikTok. Concurrently, they conducted a meticulous analysis through both a Sentiment and Brand Lift Study, providing valuable insights into the nuanced impact of the campaign on the audience’s perceptions and brand affinity.


Total Video Views (104% to Goal)


Total Impressions


Total Engagements


Instagram Engagement Rate (Benchmark 2.5%)


Recall Lift (Benchmark 2%)


Purchase Intent Lift (Benchmark 2%)



Our program concepts comprise many differentiated tactics unmatched in todays managed.

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