To raise awareness of a new credit card and generate credit card applications. The credit card offers customers multiple ways to earn 3X points, making it one of the most competitive rewards cards in the marketplace.


RhythmInfluence activated a diverse mix of 42 Influencers across various categories including Lifestyle, Food/Dining, Travel and Trendsetters to apply for and use a new credit card. Over 333 pieces of content were created on Instagram, with syndication of these posts bringing the total number of content to over 500. Influencers were tasked with sharing how they became the person they are today and how they used their new credit card to earn 3X points in each of four categories simply by being themselves: Eat & Drink (eating out and ordering in), Ride & Drive (gas stations, rideshares and transit), Fly & Stay (flights, hotels, homestays and car rentals), and Watch & Listen (popular streaming services). As a cardholder, Influencers used everyday occurrences, such as eating with friends at a restaurant, Ubering to a meeting or binging on Netflix to help generate awareness while engaging with their audience. RhythmInfluence activated each of the 42 Influencers over a 9-month period to create various types of content spanning 4 sub-campaigns. It all culminated with 9 of the influencers creating a video that showcased their path to success and how their credit card helps them to continue on that path.


Impressions: 12MM+ (estimated Reach of over 37M!)

Engagements: 2.8MM+

Earned Media Value: $4 for every $1 of program spend (on organic posts alone)

Overall Campaign Engagement Rate: 23.59% (far surpassing the Finance vertical benchmark of 13.12%)

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