Following a successful brand ambassador program in 2018, Meijer renewed its partnership with RhythmInfluence in 2019 to dive deeper into its brand ambassador program, beefing up the partnership by covering off on 19 verticals within the Meijer offering and shifting focus to execute more events throughout the year.


RhythmInfluence activated 16 Influencers all within the Meijer key markets to create 233 pieces of content, but Influencers loved the brand ambassador arrangement so much that they all went above and beyond, each creating additional content outside of their original contracted amount for a total of 601 pieces of content! Influencers were tasked with showcasing their love for Meijer and how they shop regularly to incorporate key products into their everyday lives within various verticals like: Baby, Lawn & Garden, Holiday, Pets, Style, Back to School, Beauty, Beer & Wine, Meat & Grilling, BBQ, Fresh Produce, and more! In 2019, Meijer also wanted to shift focus to several in-person events, so RhythmInfluence orchestrated a kickoff event at the Meijer headquarters, familiarizing the Influencers with the brand and the goal for the year ahead. In the end, RhythmInfluence executed 6 more events, including 2 Grand Opening events in Ohio and Wisconsin, a Holiday Party, a Fall Event, a Mentor event and a BBQ event. After content was created, RhythmInfluence placed Influencer Paid Social Distribution behind Influencer content throughout the flight to further reach the exact Meijer audience. As Added Value, RhythmInfluence offered additional Influencer Paid Social Distribution to exceed campaign goals and completed both Influencer Sentiment and Brand Lift studies to measure the impact of the Meijer campaign on brand sentiment and lift.


Engagements: 2.1MM+ | Impressions: 42M+ | Video Views: 3.5MM+

According to the RhythmInfluence Sentiment Study, 99.96% of all campaign engagements were positive during the period when Influencers were creating content.

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