The RhythmInfluence Approach

A note from our leadership team

For over a decade, the RhythmInfluence team has been partnering with brands to help them achieve success with their influencer marketing campaigns. We offer marketers and agencies an experienced partner that provides a “white glove” fully-managed service influencer marketing approach.  

Our commitment to excellence also helped us win the social/Influencer category in Adweek’s Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Partner Awards in 2020.

Our team is here to partner with you on every aspect of an influencer marketing campaign. This encompasses all of the nitty-gritty details like Influencer discovery, Influencer onboarding and contracting, workflow, brand safety, FTC compliance, distribution, analytics, and much more. We also live for the creative process. 

RhythmInfluence provides strategic service including ideation workshops to come up with a tailored content plan for your brand, incorporating our creative ideas with your company vision.

We have built out one of the most advanced end-to-end managed service solutions that include all the heavy lifting in between to ensure performance and deliver influencer marketing ROI. We are constantly iterating on our process to provide the most up-to-date strategies.

The future of influencer marketing is an exciting frontier and we can’t wait to partner with you as we push the limits on what brand-Influencer partnerships look like. We are already seeing the impact social campaigns can have on our society and how the next generation of content creators will change the game and are ready for what’s next.

The RhythmInfluence Team

Approach: How RhythmInfluence Does Influencer Marketing

We think of influencer marketing as first and foremost, a partnership. There are a few partnerships involved with successful influencer campaigns, starting with pairing up our clients with the right Influencer partners. And of course we consider ourselves to be partners with both our Influencers and brands (later we’ll talk about our software partners, too. It’s a lot of partners.) 

From there, the best campaigns are run smoothly and efficiently, with both the talent and the brand excited about the partnership-- even resulting in Influencers providing additional content beyond the scope of the original contract. Now that’s what we’re all about. 

We’ve seen more and more brands wanting to meet with Influencer partners right from the start of the contract, providing thorough education on core values, brand guidelines, and ultimately program objectives. Brands are leaning on agency intermediaries to connect them with talent to forge a more connected and authentic relationship. The future of Influencer campaigns is these types of strong connections and long-term, brand-driven partnerships.

Brand ambassadors specifically become part of the brand’s team as a partner. These relationships help all parties grow, from agency partner to brand and Influencer, Influencer to brand, and brand to Influencer.

We combine our industry knowledge with decades of experience by focusing our influencer campaigns on the following core areas:

    • Strategy: We offer deep experience and proven success with full-cycle Influencer content campaigns including ideation, consultation, and running a variety of programs from simple to more experiential big ideas. 
    • Relationships: We believe in transparency and fostering meaningful relationships between brands and Influencers, often resulting in long-term brand ambassador partnerships.
    • Expertise: With our team of industry experts and partner-powered platform-agnostic approach (more on that later), your campaign will be data-backed and optimized by humans from our team along the way.
    • Creativity: Got a mental block for your upcoming campaign, partnership, or ambassador program? Let’s talk-- we have ideas. Our team works on creative campaigns with clients across industries and audiences.
    • Brand Safety + Image: Your brand is the key element to the success of the campaign, from finding the right Influencers to speaking the right language. We have built-in brand safety in every campaign, with a 35-point audit to protect against unwanted traffic.
    • Results: All of our programs are tied into specific KPIs to ensure we’re meeting business objectives whether that’s awareness, consideration, sentiment, or sales. We guarantee performance in the form of impressions, video views, or engagements for all campaigns.

What makes RhythmInfluence different?

When working with RhythmInfluence, you will act as a partner throughout the entire process, but we do all the heavy lifting and backend work. It’s the autonomy of being the decision-maker without the stress of a mountain of strategic decisions to make and deadlines to hit. 

To kick off our relationship, we develop a partnership plan with a detailed rationale behind every strategic decision we make. We review talent choices, exclusivity and contracts, content planning, and any specific needs from our partners. All of our influencer strategy is data-driven, with our past performance speaking to the success of our methods.

We are humans with experience in the industry who know how to leverage the best tools and data to drive your campaign performance. We can pivot, optimize, and tailor each campaign to your goals.

The RhythmInfluence Influencer Marketing Tiers

Every top influencer marketing agency has its own way of breaking Influencers into tiers. The way that we identify tiers dictates strategy, offering more personalized campaigns and targeting. 

Here’s how we think about Influencer tiers.

RhythmInfluence’s Influencer Marketing Tiers

  • Nano Influencers: Typically between 1,000 and 10,000 followers
  • Micro-Influencers: Typically between 10,000 and 50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier Influencers: Typically between 50,000 and 500,000 followers
  • Premium/Macro Influencers: 500,000+ followers
  • Celebrities: Varies, more based on their fame than following, but typically over 1 million followers

The best campaigns incorporate a mix of influencer tiers, leveraging a combination of voices and followings to extend your brand reach. 

For more on how to best work with talented creators in every tier, check out our guide to the benefits + pitfalls of influencer marketing tiers (speaking from experience.) → 

The RhythmInfluence Platform-Agnostic Influencer Marketing Platform Method

Human Expertise + Advanced Partner Technology

It’s a mouthful, we know. But what it boils down to is we don’t use a single tool to manage your campaign. We handpick the tools within the top influencer marketing platforms (whom we consider partners) to best manage and optimize activations. By combining multiple platforms like influencer analytics tools, vetting tools, and analysis tools, we’ve developed a strategic process for approaching influencer marketing.

Partner-powered campaign steps include:

  • Influencer discovery/data
  • Custom content workflow management
  • Exclusivity monitoring
  • Brand safety audit
  • Display, video, and social distribution
  • Content usage asset management
  • Measurement and success

Intrigued by the platform-agnostic platform approach? Learn more about it here → 

Mission: Creating Influencer Partnerships, Not Transactions

Connecting + Creating Together

We build and foster creative partnerships between brands and Influencers. 

  • Authentic: Our Influencers share their most genuine selves with the world and we work with brands to highlight their personalities, while effortlessly incorporating your brand’s story.
  • Diverse: We can connect you with trusted Influencers in all tiers, niches, and personas from celebrity to local with a focus on finding whom your audience connects with most.
  • Collaborative: We facilitate a partnership and connection between your brand and the Influencer to create content that speaks to both audiences. 

We know how important Influencers’ voices can be, which is why we put a priority on working with responsible, highly trusted Influencers. 

Influencer = leader. What does that mean for brands? Take a look at this article from the blog, “Influencer Leadership: The Power of Influence” by our CEO, John Babcock

Services: Serving as Your Strategic + Creative Influencer Marketing Team

From campaign ideation to selection and influencer vetting, to content placement, social strategy, creative decisions, and analytics, campaigns get complex quickly. That’s where we come in. 

Want to learn more about what goes into managing and vetting Influencers? Read about the strategy and in-depth evaluation processes on the blog → 

Along with services included in our full-service influencer marketing campaigns, we incorporate our secret sauce, that little something extra that boosts your campaign and we hope surprises and delights your team.

Our full-service influencer campaign offerings include:

  1. Influencer discovery, vetting, and management
  2. Content strategy and custom content creation
  3. Data-driven campaign strategy
  4. Display, video, and social distribution
  5. Advanced measurement and campaign analytics

Here’s where the secret sauce comes in.

Social Content Strategy

Along with paid social strategy, we think about the holistic campaign for your brand. Social content strategy is the idea that sponsored posts on social media are a part of a larger strategy and complement organic social efforts. With in-depth knowledge of each social platform, its algorithm (and the constant changes and updates), and best practices, we create content that converts.

Read more insights on Social Content Strategy in 2021 on the blog.

Maximizing Influencer Campaign Dollars with Added Value

We work hard to deliver as positive an experience possible for the Influencers we work with. To make your marketing budget go as far as possible, content needs to be targeted in the right ways-- as part of a well-executed campaign. Targeting can be approached by network, audience, or a matrix of data points, along with supplementary paid content to amplify your brand message.

Advanced Distribution + Amplification of Branded Content

When you partner with an Influencer to create custom, branded content for your audience, it should be shared across select digital channels, amplifying your message and connecting with exponentially more prospects. 

RhythmInfluence boosts content further for almost every influencer campaign we run. This is most often in the form of a paid social campaign from the Influencer handle to drive targeted reach while still utilizing the voice of the Influencer. In addition, we have the means to distribute content in display, mobile, and video environments outside of the social walls.


Step 1
We work with Influencers to build out custom content tailored to your specific audience and goals.
Step 2
We distribute your content across display, video, and connected TV or wherever your audience spends the most time-consuming content guarantee that you’ll have high-quality placements.

Step 3

We take distribution further across environments outside of social walls, exponentially expanding reach. 


Engaged Influencers

When Influencers are satisfied with a brand, it’s in their best interest to solidify and strengthen the relationship, and the same applies for brands with Influencers. It’s a true partnership, with both supporting each other’s goals. 

The sign of a good partnership is a huge benefit to brands-- when Influencers over-deliver on content. The more times a brand appears on someone’s social media page, the more of a connection the audience has with the brand, improving sentiment and brand awareness. 

RhythmInfluence Customer Spotlight: Meijer


When RhythmInfluence worked with Meijer to create a brand ambassador program and support verticals like Baby, Back to School, Beauty, and more, Influencers delivered more than 2x the total amount of content expected since they loved the program. With 99.96% positive sentiment on the campaign and 42 million impressions, Meijer was thrilled with campaign results and reach. Read the full story here.

RhythmInfluence talent has a tendency to create additional content outside the scope of work, stretching marketing dollars 5x, 10x, or 15x their original value.

Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Reporting + Analytics

Influencer marketing ROI is an elusive beast. With so many ways to look at Influencer data, we help guide your brand to the most important metrics to reach your goals. With advanced reporting on campaigns and additional surveys and analysis we conduct, we give you a detailed breakdown of not only engagements, traffic, and reach, but more nuanced metrics like brand + campaign sentiment, brand lift, and purchase intent.

Speaking of influencer metrics and analytics…

We use influencer campaign reporting (broken down by Influencer) including analytics like:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Demographic reporting
  • Brand comments and common terms/themes
  • Creative impact
  • Ad recall
  • Brand awareness
  • Intent
  • Sales (offline and online)

Then, we provide tailored recommendations for future campaigns and give you valuable insights for your overall marketing and brand strategy.

For an in-depth analysis of influencer marketing ROI and an explanation of key metrics, read more on the blog. 

Vision: Ready for the Future of Social

At RhythmInfluence, we are always looking forward to what’s next on social media. Want ideas on how to activate Influencers on Clubhouse? We’ve got you covered. We love talking about new platforms and emerging audiences, like Gen Z Influencers and the impact they’re already having (heard of Charli D’Amelio? She’s 16 and has 9.2 billion likes and 114 million followers on TikTok.) 

RhythmInfluence Customer Spotlight: Walmart

Walmart BTC

When Walmart wanted to target the Gen Z audience, we developed a strategy to target Gen Zers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with a mix of Premium and Celebrity Influencers. The Back to School campaign was a success, with a nearly 5% engagement rate (4.8%+) and more than 38 million impressions. Read the case study here.

We’re ready for your partnership in creating impactful, authentic influencer marketing campaigns. Reach out to our team if you’re ready for a full-service influencer marketing agency to take your next campaign off your list of challenges and to the next level.

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