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Let Us Do All The Heavy Lifting

We deliver a dynamic suite of Managed Services, finely tuned to meet the intricate demands of todays most progressive always-on influencer strategies. Our mission is to craft impactful campaigns that seamlessly align with your brand’s vision, showcasing unparalleled precision, agility, and consultative expertise in our service delivery.

Six Phases of End-to-end Program Management

The lion's share of our partners relies on us for holistic end-to-end management, while others leverage our expertise to elevate specific elements or standalone disciplines within their evolving influencer strategies.

Phase 1 OF 6

Strategy + Ideation

In our strategic planning process, we foster creativity, align processes, brief talents effectively, and create editorial calendars. This ensures a holistic approach to setting goals, developing concepts, selecting creators, establishing editorial workflows, timelines, and pricing structures.

Kickoff Brainstorm + Feasibility Assessment
Campaign Planning + Proposal Development
Plan Finalization & Campaign Components
Proposal Submission, Revisions, + Approvals
Phase 2 OF 6

Creator Discovery

Our “Perfect Match” formula leverages discovery platform AI with human sensibility across a broad network of talent management partners.

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Phase 3 OF 6

Creator Management

A tried and true management process, fully automated and streamlined, across each critical stage of creator onboarding workflow.

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Phase 4 OF 6

Content Production

Our in-house content and production studio ensures professionally produced content and highly immersive brand experiences.

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Phase 5 OF 6

Content Distribution

Our Paid Media team, comprised of seasoned content distributors, leverages extensive media partnerships and social integrations to amplify creator content to targeted audiences across various platforms. With advanced targeting and daily optimization, we ensure results aligned with core KPIs for every campaign.

Phase 6 OF 6

Advanced Measurement

Our Analytics team at Rhythm Influence provides comprehensive support for advanced measurement requirements, aiding brands and agencies in fully understanding the impact of their Influencer Marketing campaigns across a wide range of metrics.

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