RhythmInfluence Delivers


Earned Media Value

An ROI of more than 8x
for Every $1.00 of Spend*


Engagement Rate

Measurable Consumer Actions
with Branded Content*


Positive Sentiment

Branding Value Insights with
Social Media Listening*

* Campaign averages as detailed in our Influencer Marketing Benchmarks. Contact us for more details!


A Leader in Influencer Marketing

RhythmInfluence offers marketers and agencies an experienced partner that provides a full-service approach inclusive of strategy and planning, influencer management, content creation workflow, analytics, amplification, and reporting and measurement. We’ve built out one of the most advanced end-to-end managed service solutions to help push consumers through all stages of the sales cycle and drive ROI.

Deep Experience

Our team has forged the path in influencer marketing since 2010.

Proven Success

Hundreds of brands from dozens of advertiser verticals partner with us.

Full-Cycle Content Marketing

We offer influencer-created content coupled with advanced social distribution to drive results.

Complete Transparency

You’ll know exactly which influencers are working your campaign and promoting your content.

Holistic Managed Service

Our team works with you for influencer discovery, content strategy, custom content creation, and more.

Leading with Brand Safety

Our 35-point audit helps ensure protection against suspicious traffic to ultimately produce results for our clients.

Platform Agnostic

No single platform can do it all — we seek out reputable partners and combine their technologies with strategic expertise.

Advanced Distribution Tactics

We can run complementary social and display campaigns that tap influencers’ audiences.

Influencer Partner Hub

Partner- Powered Managed Service

RhythmInfluence leverages reputable partners and combines their technology with our strategic expertise to deliver results.


RhythmInfluence offers one of the most effective solutions to engage with consumers within a trusted environment. No limits here — we provide influencers across the entire spectrum, from Hollywood celebrities to local mural artists. All influencers are approved by our clients prior to launching a campaign.

Our influencers all set the bar for:
Accelerated growth · Social Power · Viral Distribution · Consumer Engagement · Content Expertise · Aesthetic Appeal · Community Leadership


Whether it’s told through a video, photo, long form post, or any combination of these, the RhythmInfluence team works with influencers to help ensure your brand’s story is brought to life with engaging, custom content delivered to the right audience — amplified through the channels that will make the greatest impact. And, unlike other providers, you’re a collaborator and approver of all the content created — making sure it speaks to your brand, your voice, and ultimately, that it resonates with your target audience.

Measurement for Success

RhythmInfluence’s access to a broad and deep pool of influencers allows us to connect with engaged communities at scale. Our social distribution expertise allows us to leverage data and insights to effectively advance prospects from awareness to action.

Our measurement tools and partners help us focus on driving ROI for influencer marketing:





Video Views

30+ Other Data Points



Brand Lift

Brand & Campaign Sentiment

Ad Recall Social Lift



Sales Lift

Purchase Intent

Purchase Consideration

In-Store Attribution



Audience Demographics

Audience Behaviors

Brand Affinity

100+ Other Data Points

Amplify Your Branded Content

No matter what kind of custom branded content an influencer has created on behalf of your brand, it should be distributed across all digital channels in order to truly amplify the message and connect with as many consumers as possible. In addition to distribution through social channels, which is part of most influencer marketing programs, RhythmInfluence goes a step further and amplifies reach and impact of branded content by seeding it programmatically through our brand-safe unified programmatic platform.

Branded Content

Paid Social Amplification

The campaign does not need to end when an influencer posts branded content.

With Paid Social Amplification from RhythmInfluence, we run paid promotions on behalf of our advertisers — similar to whitelisting — of branded content via the social handles of our influencers. This allows for advanced targeting of your message, the addition of specific calls to action, and extended reach from our influencers’ followers vs. those who follow your brand’s handle(s). Our combination of platform and manual optimizations across platforms and influencers helps drive performance for advertisers.

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