An Agnostic Approach

We're experts at blending top influencer technologies into a tailored toolkit for our diverse clients. No single platform could fully meet our evolving needs, so we adopted a platform-agnostic approach, combining strengths from multiple platforms into a versatile utility stack. This keeps our workflow streamlined, ensures we're always up to date with tech advancements, and provides our clients with an innovative influencer marketing toolkit.

Our Bespoke Solutions

Within our consultative agency services approach, we strive to build out long-term partnerships helping brands develop a more advanced and durable Influencer Marketing framework in order to pave the way for always-on programming and a comprehensive center of excellence. In establishing a strong and steady workflow process, our brand partners are positioned to launch projects faster, adapt to changing industry trends, and optimize their campaigns strategies on the fly.

Master Services

We offer “Master Service Partnerships” tailored for extensive, long-term planning and annual service agreements. These partnerships usually require us to develop 12-16-month influencer marketing roadmaps centered around key brand milestones and multiple campaign events.

  1. Annual Upfront Investments
  2. Always-On Programing + Content Calendaring
  3. White Label Agency Services
  4. Custom Team Buildouts
  5. Brand Ambassador Programs

Consultative Services

Numerous enterprise-level brands and their agency partners entrust us with strategic planning endeavors. In these scenarios, our leadership team extensively analyzes both current and past influencer marketing initiatives to chart a more effective course forward. Whether it involves reviewing systems and processes, conducting competitive intelligence research, or establishing performance benchmarks, we possess the expertise and capabilities to audit and enhance strategies for a more successful approach.

  1. Competitive Intelligence + Research
  2. Influencer Trending Analysis
  3. Platforms, Utilities + Workflow Process Audits
  4. Custom Team Buildouts + Training
  5. Isolated Service Disciplines [vetting, discovery, production, measurement]

Specialized Services

Some brand partners need very specific improvements or strategic guidance within a singular services discipline. We help brands and agencies establish improved workflow processes, compare platform technology licenses, and/or provides detailed managed services within a particular area an internal pain point may exist.

  1. Talent Vetting Services + Brand Safety Assurances
  2. Influencer Discovery + Talent Lists Building
  3. Creator Onboarding, Contracting + Legal
  4. Event Activations and On-Site Production
  5. Paid Social Management
  6. Advanced Measurement and Brand Study Implementation

Agencies & Brands

Events and Experiential:

Our service offerings seamlessly integrate Event Marketing and Experiential campaign concepts into our influencer programs.

Diversity and Multicultural

We have the flexibility to tailor influencer lists and paid amplification strategies to align with diverse and multicultural marketing objectives.

Creative and Media Agencies

We recognize the distinctions between an organic, high-quality creative approach and the specific requirements of media agencies that emphasize optimizing reach, frequency, and performance objectives.

In-House Influencer Teams

Whether they require full or partial services, brand-direct teams often need support or access to unique platform utilities to enhance their influencer marketing efforts.