Assessing Creators with Accuracy and Alignment

We cultivate extensive connections with 100+ talent agencies, creator representation firms, and niche creator networks, granting unparalleled access to talent for our clients. Our meticulous selection process evaluates performance history, creator insights, and content aesthetics. And our trend expertise, powered by data analytics and human analysis, informs creator recommendations, ensuring timely and impactful campaigns aligned with real-time social content trends.

human thinking + AI Perfect Match Formula

Our “perfect match” creator discovery formula merges generative AI's capabilities with the assurance of human sensibility.

Human Sensibility
Creator Realtionships

Over 100 direct connections with celebrity talent agencies, premium influencer representation companies, as well as mid-tier and micro creator networks.

Creator Platform Profile

Past performance benchmarks, content aesthetic evaluation, creative skills and capabilities, and alignment with brand tone and brand affinity.

Technology +AI
Creator Performance Data

We hold licenses for multiple influencers’ discovery and audience platforms that incorporate AI utility features.

Creator Vetting

A brand safety evaluation with 30 checkpoints verified by third-party platform utilities.

Sample Talent Recommendations

We offer in-depth selection criteria encompassing influencer and audience data, reach, composition, trends, benchmarks, performance history, differentiation, content quality, aesthetics, sample brand integrations and more.

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