Influencer marketing doesn’t exist without a platform and thrives on social media platforms where Influencers have their most engaged following. Instagram has been a source of influencer brand partnerships since its beginning. With an audience hanging onto Influencers’ every word and today’s consumers placing a high value on influencer recommendations, this partnership makes business sense for brands of all types.

Instagram grew as a social media app for photo sharing and started as a consumer platform. It was quickly overtaken by brands and companies wanting to participate in this highly engaging app as well. At the start, Instagram users could spot an ad easily as they were more produced than the personal photos that were often blurry and shared by users of the app. Now, influencer content is just as high-quality as brand content if not more high-quality. Not only that but it is curated for the audience in a way that brands have not done before.

Influencer marketing on Instagram is when a brand partners with an Instagram influencer on a campaign to sell a product, launch a brand, or promote a service. This can be in the form of a sponsored post featuring the Influencer or an Influencer’s post featuring the brand. Many influencer campaigns are boosted or amplified by Instagram advertisements or “boosting” those posts. Instagram has strict guidelines that any post paid for by a brand needs to be marked as an ad or both accounts could face consequences like having their profile removed.

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With a perfect match of an engaged audience looking to purchase directly from Instagram a lot of the time and content creators looking for brands to support through branded content campaigns, Instagram has become a major marketing strategy for the top organizations worldwide.

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