Ford Influencers Test New Ford Maverick Model


the Objective

In a strategic move to promote Ford’s latest model, the Maverick, the brand set its sights on enhancing awareness and establishing credibility within the Adventure Enthusiast community. This endeavor involved the implementation of a thoughtfully crafted Influencer Ambassador program designed to authentically showcase the Maverick’s features and capabilities through the eyes of those passionate about adventurous pursuits.

the Solution

In a strategic collaboration, RhythmInfluence joined forces with a team of seven influential content creators, orchestrating a diverse content tapestry across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. The resulting narrative unfolded a captivating year-long journey with the 2022 Ford Maverick, weaving authentic moments from influencers’ daily lives and adventurous escapades. This immersive campaign skillfully emphasized the vehicle’s distinctive features and adaptability, resonating with diverse audience segments. To gauge the campaign’s effectiveness, RhythmInfluence conducted meticulous Sentiment and Brand Lift Studies, providing nuanced insights into audience reactions and the overall impact of the campaign within the target demographic.

2.85% Organic Engagement Rate

vs. 1.75% Benchmark

18% Favorable Brand Lift

vs. 0.7% Benchmark

19.5% Brand Lift in Consideration

vs. 4.2% Benchmark

9.2% Lift in Ad Recall

vs. 6.6% Benchmark



Our program concepts comprise many differentiated tactics unmatched in todays managed.

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