Toyota Igniting Awareness for the new Hydrogen Fueled Mirai


the Objective

In the aftermath of introducing the groundbreaking hydrogen-fueled Mirai vehicle model in California, Toyota set out on a mission to not only build widespread awareness but also generate positive attention by collaborating with a diverse array of California-based influencers. The overarching aim was to harness the creativity and reach of these influencers to showcase the Mirai as a pioneering, sustainable option within the highly competitive automotive market.

the Solution

RhythmInfluence engaged a total of four Influencers for the program, dispatching one Influencer on a road trip to the Toyota-sponsored Outside Lands music festival, while activating three additional Influencers to create evergreen content centered around the Mirai vehicle in the LA and San Francisco areas. To enhance excitement around the program, RhythmInfluence also designed a branded Instagram Filter for Influencers and Consumers to interact with. The content was further boosted through Social Ads on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Additionally, a Sentiment and Brand Lift Study was conducted to facilitate the analysis of the campaign’s outcomes.


IG Reels Organic Engagement Rate (vs. 2.5% Benchmark)


Stylish Attribute Lift (vs. a 2% category Benchmark)


Ad Recall Lift (vs. 2% Benchmark)


Positive Sentiment Rate



Our program concepts comprise many differentiated tactics unmatched in todays managed.

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